31 Août, 2018

Développement durable : Partagez vos solutions avec l’aide des médias

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J’invite tous les médias – qui servent de grands témoins – à rendre compte chaque semaine, dans leur pages, des initiatives prises par les entreprises en faveur du changement climatique et du développement durable. Grâce à eux nous pourrons aller plus vite face à cette urgence. Allez #Lemonde, #Libération, #NorkYorkTimes, #larepublica #lesechos #Times etc…..Je suis à votre disposition pour vous aider dans ce projet.

Ce projet commence à prendre forme avec le journal Le monde qui a invité les entreprises au moment de la canicule a partager leur solutions. N’en restons pas là.

30 Août, 2018

L’eau contaminée devient une priorité pour le CDC qui compte 200 millions de cas de gastroentérites chaque année

The CDC wants to study water contamination in a new way

There are an estimated 200 million cases of acute gastrointestinal illness in the U.S. each year, but there isn’t reliable data to nail down how often that’s tied to tainted drinking water. Now, the CDC is hoping to dig up U.S. data with a proposed new study of what happens when water pressure drops — like when a water main breaks — and whether that can lead to contamination that can make people sick. Studies in Norway and Sweden have linked drops in water pressure to an increased risk of gastrointestinal illness. The proposed cohort study would survey households across the U.S. about water use and health issues. The idea is open for public comment until Oct. 29.

30 Août, 2018

La Californie développe une politique en faveur du changement climatique qui pourrait s’avérer un modèle pour le monde

On late Tuesday, the California Assembly passed a bill requiring 100 percent of the state’s electricity to come from carbon-free sources by the end of 2045. This puts one of the world’s most aggressive clean-energy policies on track for the governor’s desk.
Movin’ on up: The new bill also moves up the state’s earlier time line to reach 50 percent renewables from 2030 to 2026. But notably, California regulators have said the state’s major utilities could reach that milestone as early as 2020. This underscores the rapid pace at which the energy transformation has unfolded since the state put its renewable standards in place in 2002.
The testing grounds: California is acting as a test bed for what’s technically achievable, providing a massive market for the rollout of clean-energy technologies and building a body of knowledge that other states and nations can leverage, says energy economist Severin Borenstein. “We are showing that you can operate a grid with high levels of intermittent renewables,” he says. “That’s something that can be exported to the rest of the world.

6 Août, 2018

More people sickened in outbreak linked to salads (cyclospora dans la salade)

Du Cyclospora dans les salades : The number of people sickened in an outbreak linked to salads sold at McDonald’s restaurants continues to climb. The CDC says 395 people in 15 states have fallen ill with cyclosporiasis, an intestinal illness caused by contaminated food. There have been 16 hospitalizations and no reported deaths. McDonald’s says it has replaced its salad supplier in the affected states. The FDA analyzed an unopened package of Fresh Express salad mix with romaine and carrots — the type distributed at McDonald’s — and confirmed it contained Cyclospora. Now, the agency is looking into the distribution and supplier information to try to pinpoint the source. The FDA says there’s no evidence so far that the outbreak is linked to another Cyclospora outbreak tied to Del Monte vegetable trays. ( Source Stat’s )

1 Août, 2018

Du coté de la robotisation

An AI-driven robot hand spent a hundred years teaching itself to rotate a cub

AI researchers have demonstrated a self-teaching algorithm that gives a robot hand remarkable new dexterity.
The creation: The robotic system, dubbed Dactyl, was developed by researchers at OpenAI. It taught itself to manipulate a cube with uncanny skill by practicing for the equivalent of a hundred years inside a computer simulation (though only a few days in real time).
How it works: It uses an off-the-shelf robotic hand from a UK company called Shadow, an ordinary camera, and an algorithm that’s already mastered multiplayer video game, DotA, using the same self-teaching approach.
Why it matters: As our own Will Knight explains, the robotic hand is still nowhere near as agile as a human one, and too clumsy to be deployed in a factory or warehouse. Even so, the research shows the potential for machine learning to unlock new robotic capabilities and suggests that some day robots might teach themselves new skills inside virtual worlds.

Source MIT technology Review