More people sickened in outbreak linked to salads (cyclospora dans la salade)

Du Cyclospora dans les salades : The number of people sickened in an outbreak linked to salads sold at McDonald’s restaurants continues to climb. The CDC says 395 people in 15 states have fallen ill with cyclosporiasis, an intestinal illness caused by contaminated food. There have been 16 hospitalizations and no reported deaths. McDonald’s says it has replaced its salad supplier in the affected states. The FDA analyzed an unopened package of Fresh Express salad mix with romaine and carrots — the type distributed at McDonald’s — and confirmed it contained Cyclospora. Now, the agency is looking into the distribution and supplier information to try to pinpoint the source. The FDA says there’s no evidence so far that the outbreak is linked to another Cyclospora outbreak tied to Del Monte vegetable trays. ( Source Stat’s )